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Statement on Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, American College Casablanca will not begin offering degrees in 2020. Instead, the College will guide and support students in pursuing American Bachelor and Masters programs. 

To learn more about how American College Casablanca can help you achieve your educational goals, complete our contact form.  Be sure to indicate what kind of program you are interested in.  We'll be in touch with you soon. 

The City is Your Classroom

American College Casablanca is a new institution of higher learning located in the heart of Casablanca dedicated to student-centered learning and off-campus and global engagement. 

College Motto

Care for Earth and Humankind

This motto reflects ACC’s overarching goal to instill with graduates humanity’s unique and broad responsibility to care for Earth and all people.

Mission Statement

ACC prepares students academically and professionally to be globally and civically-engaged leaders mindful of self, others, and the environment. 


ACC pursues this mission through student-centered, global, and community-engaged learning in a College environment where shared governance built on active collaboration and communication, transparency, and equality are core values.

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Shared governance through active collaboration and communication


Transparency of College activities and decision-making processes


Equality of all voices

College Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of an ACC degree, all graduates will have developed and demonstrated 
Academic excellence
Professional aptitude
Mindful leadership 
Civic engagement
Global understanding

Highlights of ACC Experience

ACC offers students an immersive, personalized, and engaging learning environment on and off-campus that prepares students for globally engaged, productive, and meaningful lives.

Global Learning

Global means everywhere, and students at ACC develop a global perspective from their first semester through global virtual exchange, study abroad, and internships.  Through these experiences in addition to the globally-oriented coursework, students understand and engage with a wide variety of people and perspectives.

World Peace

Professional Experiences

ACC makes the most out of its location in Casablanca by organizing and facilitating internships and other professional experiences throughout students' studies.  In this way, students graduate ready for productive and meaningful lives in the world of work.

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Students lead ACC and share power equally with faculty and staff.  They are directly involved in university governance and make and implement decisions that improve conditions for themselves and the broader community.

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Civically Oriented Internships

As with professional experiences, Casablanca is a city with manifold challenges but also with organizations and individuals working together to address these issues.

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Academic Excellence

ACC engages students academically through rigorous coursework that culminates with significant projects such as capstones or theses.

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