About Us

American College Casablanca is a private institution offering American Higher Education and an American university-model curriculum in Casablanca.  ACC's mission is aligned with a broader purpose of providing high quality, American-style education to both Moroccan and global students.


The College was designed by North American academics, and the curriculum is based on the American Liberal Arts model.  All students, regardless of degree area, include courses in modern languages and globally-oriented subjects that will provide students with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s competitive international market.  All College degrees are taught in English. These programs were carefully benchmarked against their counterpart degrees at universities in the United States.


At ACC, we believe that everyone should “Care for Earth and Humankind” this underlines the importance of knowledge tempered by core values. By "Earth" and "Kind” AAC strives to graduate students who are kind and fair with all people and creatures on the Earth.

The College was inspired by the same educational vision that gave rise to American Academy Casablanca.