The College Seal

ACC Logo English with Arabic at Top.png

The ACC seal is a visual document that invokes certain elements and connections central to ACC’s educational mission and organizational background.


Starting from the center, the wreath framing the book evoke the oak and laurel leaves used in human history as honors for personal achievements and civic contributions. 


The book with motto “Care for Earth and Humankind” underlines the importance of knowledge tempered by core values.  The positioning of "Earth" and "Kind” formed at the bottom also is meaningful in that we strive to graduate students who are kind and fair with all people and creatures on the Earth.

American College Casablanca is given both in Latin letters as well as Arabic translation.  The choice of a distinctly Maghribi font for the Arabic is purposeful, subtly showing connections to the country and region where the College exists.


The circle itself underlines the cyclical nature of learning, education, and life.