Faculty Employment

American College Casablanca is currently recruiting faculty to support and promote its academic programs.

We are actively seeking faculty with degrees and teaching or research experience related to our liberal-arts College Core and degree programs.  Successful candidates will likely be able to teach in the Common Core in addition to advanced courses in their degree specialization.


  • English composition and public speaking

  • Arabic and/or French language

  • Science and mathematics


  • Global Business 

  • Global Communication

  • Global Development 

  • Global Studies

  • Global Information Technology

  • Global Education and Leadership


  • Digital librarian (n.b. faculty position)

ACC particularly welcomes candidates with the following criteria:

  • degrees and teaching experience from North America

  • demonstrated experience with establishing or expanding educational institutions, particularly colleges, universities.  

  • demonstrated experience with global, community-based, service-learning, or other forms of engaged teaching practices.  

  • demonstrated experience and success with working with digital learning, including paperless classrooms, e-textbooks, etc. 

ACC welcomes applications from people at all career levels, including new degree holders.  ACC embraces diversity in its hiring, and does not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

Since ACC is in the early stages of building an institution, this is an exciting time to join. We are open to new ideas and best practices.  If you would like to work in a young and dynamic college, ACC may be an ideal place for you.

If you are interested in teaching or working at ACC, we have two ways for you to apply:

1) You can click on the "Apply to ACC" button below to submit your application (note: requires a Google account to upload files).

2) You can mail your application package of a cover letter, C.V., and three letters of recommendation to the College email.

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