Did you know that you can earn an American university degree online directly from the USA, and also enjoy an American campus in downtown Casablanca?  Now you can, with the Online+ program at American College Casablanca. 


Through a special partnership between Monroe College (New York) and American College Casablanca, you can new earn an American-accredited bachelor degree or masters degree from Monroe College.  Located in New York City, this American university offers full bachelor degrees, including Business or IT, for an affordable price.  The programs are 100% U.S. accredited, online, and high-quality.  Moreover, if you ever wanted to move to New York City to finish your studies, your credits are already there--no need to transfer.  Some scholarships are available through Monroe College.  Their online application process is very straightforward, and we at American College Casablanca can help you through the steps to acceptance.

Students in the Online+ program also receive academic support, campus community activities, and tutoring on-site through American College Casablanca. These benefits include:

  • Global virtual exchange

  • Professional discernment

  • Free tutoring and academic support from ACC faculty

  • Access to ACC's facilities, especially the library and study spaces

  • Campus events

  • Internship placement and support

  • and much more

Students already enrolled in any online program are welcome to approach the College to discuss how we can best assist them in their academic journey.

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