Preparatory Programs

ACC recognizes that some students may want or need some additional training, whether in English or content areas, before starting a post-secondary program.  

Thus, ACC has developed the following programs to support a wide range of students.


With our partner Capstone American English, students can enroll in a semester or summer-long program that focuses on the development of academic English skills such as essay writing, presenting and debating, reading books and articles, and listening to lectures.  Successful completion of this program can replace the TOEFL/IELTS requirement for ACC applicants.


This year-long program is designed for students whose English or content area knowledge need extended time and instruction to develop to that required of post-secondary studies.  The program includes regular general and academic English, preparatory content knowledge, and study skills.  Although non-credit bearing, this program prepares students for a successful first year of post-secondary education.

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