Professional Training

ACC is acutely aware that in a very competitive world students seek higher education in many ways to improve their professional opportunities.  ACC takes the responsibility of preparing students for self-sufficient, productive, and meaningful lives seriously by organizing a robust set of opportunities for students' professional growth.  These are largely but not exclusively achieved through a variety of short-and long-term internships embedded in the curriculum.

Business Meeting
Office Work


Particularly relevant for Global Business Administration, Global Information Technology, and Global Communication students

Students engage in internships at corporations relevant to their field of interest.  For example, students interested in finance may work with a multinational bank, IT students at a start-up, or communications at a public-relations firm.


Particularly relevant for Global Studies, Global Development, and Global Education and Leadership students.

Students engage in internships at governmental and non-governmental organizations relevant to their field of interest.  For example, students focused on diplomacy may have an internship at a local Embassy or Consulate, students in development may work with a NGO focused in Morocco or Sub-Saharan Africa, or education and leadership students can work with innovative educational organizations and leaders in Morocco or globally.

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